Hospital Administrator

Someone once told Caitlin that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing, and she believes this expression is instrumental for a happy life. By working in veterinary medicine, Caitlin gets to have fun every day while helping pets and their owners live better lives!

Caitlin grew up in Milbrook, New York and attended Hartwick College in Oneonta to complete dual Bachelor’s degrees. She came to Dutchess County Animal Hospital in 2012 after graduation and returned to school in 2013 and received an A.S. in Veterinary Technology. She couldn’t be happier working with her dedicated coworkers; Caitlin says there’s nothing better than a cohesive team working together to help a pet in need! At Dutchess County Animal hospital I get to work with some of the most talented individuals in the field!

Caitlin has two dogs of her own at home, a goofy English Labrador Retriever named Liam and an adorable rescue dog named Gemma. She also has two horses, Matti and Gabe.

Most of Caitlin’s hobbies outside of work also include animals—she loves horseback riding and hiking with her dogs. She’s also heavily involved with pitbull and “bully breed” awareness organizations.

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Photo of  Caitlin


Operations Manager

Michelle used to work in a very stressful fundraising job in New York City.  She didn’t feel passion for her job, and recognized that working with animals could be what truly satisfied her!  Michelle’s background includes graphic design, marketing , advertising and fundraising.  DCAH was the perfect fit to utilize all her skills.

Michelle grew up in Orange County, New York. She graduated in 2003 from Marist College with a Bachelor’s in Communications Advertising. While looking for a job after her New York career was over, she found an ad in the Pennysaver and applied. She’s now been at Dutchess County Animal Hospital since 2007, serving as a receptionist as well as a marketing and web supervisor! As of 2015 she became Operations Manager!

Nothing is more rewarding for Michelle than feeling that she’s helped make clients’ days better. She also likes connecting one-on-one with pet patients, and watching pets grow up over the years.

Michelle and her husband have a son, Wesley, and a daughter, Lucy. They share their home with two cats, Nicky and Kris.

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Photo of  Michelle


Client Liaison

Terry’s interest in animal care began when she was seven years old, growing up in Cortlandt Manor, New York. Her parents presented her with three baby ducks, and she absolutely loved caring for them and watching them grow up. Now she’s worked in the veterinary field for a full 16  years!

As the Human Resources Manager at Dutchess County Animal Hospital, Terry is responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees, which is one of her favorite parts of the job. She also enjoys interacting with clients and greeting all the new puppies and kittens.

Currently, Terry has one pet: Bree, an eight-year-old pug who likes to help Terry weed the garden. Outside of the veterinary world, Terry likes snorkeling, although she doesn’t get to do it as often as she’d like. She also likes traveling, and says that one of the most interesting places she ever went was Bali, Indonesia.

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Photo of  Terry



As a kid growing up in the Bronx, Suzana saw a lot of stray cats and dogs. She knew she wanted to be their voice, speaking up for them and providing whatever care they needed. She even convinced her parents to take in many strays! To this day, Suzana loves caring for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Suzana’s professional animal care career started in 2000, when she took a position as an Operations Manager at a major pet retail store. She later moved into the veterinary side of things, arriving at Dutchess County Animal Hospital in the summer of 2014.

At home, Suzana has two pets of her own. Donatella is a rescued tiger cat who will play fetch endlessly, and Punkin is a rescued mini schnauzer who has Suzana wrapped around her paw.

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Photo of  Suzana



Cassie has always had a passion for animals when she was a baby a stray cross-eyed Calico/Siamese mix came wandering up to her parents door. After being unsuccessful finding the owner of the kitty her parents couldn’t help but to take her in and give her a home. Since that day “criss cross” and Cassie were inseparable for 19 years. That is probably where it all started. She has had many pets since and has always loved caring for animals of all types.

Cassie grew up in Dutchess County. She has pretty much always worked with animals. Over the years she has done her fair share of dog walking, pet sitting and volunteering at shelters. She has also worked in pet stores and as a dog bather in a grooming salon before happily finding herself at Dutchess County Animal Hospital. She has recently became an ABC Certified Dog Trainer specializing in Shelter and Rehabilitation work and continues to mentor and teach classes on her off nights. She hopes to one day further pursue this trade.
Cassie currently has a Chorkie named Bella and a Tabby, Mojo, who she considers to be her family. Outside of work she loves kayaking, seeing new places and doing crafts. She also loves hiking with her Bella. Bella may be only a tiny 7 pounds but she loves going on adventures with Cassie. From hiking up mountains and swimming in lakes to taking road trips to Cape Cod and lounging on the beach. She also enjoys hanging out at home with her boyfriend and her two fur babies and spending time with her family.

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Licensed Veterinary Technician

Tracie’s grandfather used to raise giant chinchilla rabbits, and he let Tracie feed them when she was only five years old. This early experience with animal care helped inspire Tracie to work in the animal care field full time!

Tracie grew up in Rockland County, New York, and moved with her family to Cornwall at the age of five. During her teenage years, she helped train the family dogs in obedience classes, then started cat rescue. She worked with several cat shelters in Boston and New York State, eventually meeting Dr. Diana Cannan in 2001 at a cat shelter in Beacon. A year later, she came to work with Dr. Cannan at Dutchess County Animal Hospital. In 2008, Tracie graduated with honors from SUNY Ulster.

Both of Tracie’s own pets are rescue animals. Her dog is a pug/Pekingese mix who loves people and enjoys coming to the hospital with Tracie. James Dean is a Persian cat who likes to sit beside Tracie when she reads.

When she has time outside of work, Tracie likes yoga, cross fitness, researching history, and running. She’s also an avid reader and loves going to the library.

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Photo of  Tracie


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sarah has wanted to work with animals for as long as she can remember. Her dream job has always been to work in zoo animal behavior and communication. From working with cats and dogs to spending the day at the zoo, Sarah is most at home when there are animals around.

Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree in 2010 from Marist College in Behavioral Psychology. She also graduated from SUNY Ulster County Community College with her A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology in 2015 and was licensed that same year. She hopes to combine the two degrees to specialize in animal behavior.
Sarah has been teaching dog training classes since 2012 and is a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She has now paired up with Dutchess County Animal Hospital, offering training classes at the office. Visit for more information.

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Kelly’s true love for animals started when she met her future husband, his relationship with his pets and wildlife in general soon grew to her own love and desire to work with animals. Kelly enjoys many outdoors activities including being a “Softball Mom” and as a family they all enjoy Target Shooting, Shed Hunting, and Dock diving with their Labrador retriever and beagles.

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Melyssa has always been very passionate when it came to animals. She hoped to one day be able to work in a job where she can help take care of them. She worked in a few different places, and tried different things, but nothing was as fulfilling and rewarding as her job here at Dutchess County Animal Hospital. She loves being surround by a very caring and supportive team. She loves to be able to work with the clients and their pets. She hopes to move forward and make this a long term career!

Photo of  Melyssa