Nutrition & Weight Management

Surely you’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat,” but did you know that this concept can also be applied to our animal friends?

Despite what many may believe, not all pet foods are created equal. Just a few ingredients and a different combination of nutrients can mean the difference between basic survival and optimum health. Which of these would you prefer for your pet?

The fact is a healthy diet and daily exercise play a critical role in the ongoing good health of your pet. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy topic to understand – especially with so many food products to choose from. What you need is guidance from someone who understands the complexities of pet nutrition and can help your loved one achieve his or her ideal weight. The team at Dutchess County Animal Hospital is up to the task!

Our professional nutritional counseling and weight management services are designed to help bring out the very best in your animal companion. We conduct a comprehensive analysis on each patient, including a physical exam. We also consider such important factors as breed, age, current weight, and health status. This allows us to identify your loved one’s unique nutritional needs so that we can develop a diet that will best meet those needs.

We’ll also work with you to help your pet lose (or gain) weight to achieve a more active and fit lifestyle. This is important because even though chubby pets may be adorable, those extra pounds can place them at a greater risk of developing several serious medical conditions. Likewise, pets that don’t weigh enough can be more susceptible to injury or illness. We’ll figure out what weight range would be ideal for your pet and create a plan to help achieve and maintain that healthier weight over time.

Finally, we will need to re-visit our approach from time to time to make sure it’s still as effective as it was originally designed to be. As animals get older, their bodies change, as do their diet and exercise needs. At certain intervals during your pet’s lifetime, we will evaluate his or her changing needs and make any necessary adjustments to our plan so that we can continue to achieve the best possible results.

You want your four-legged friend to stick around for as many years as possible. Good nutrition and a healthy weight are two important factors in helping achieve that goal. Give us a call today and let us design a customized diet and weight control plan that is tailored to keep your pet happy, healthy, and fit for many years to come!