Wellness Exams

At Dutchess County Animal Hospital, we believe that the core foundation of a long, happy, and healthy life is prevention. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on wellness care. We want your loved one to not only be healthy, but to thrive, enjoying as many happy years by your side as possible. Our wellness services are designed to support all your pet’s changing health care needs throughout his or her lifetime, delivering the most precise and effective care available, each and every time you visit.

Why is wellness care so important?

Many otherwise responsible pet parents make the mistake of believing that veterinary care is only necessary when a pet becomes sick or injured. To the contrary, the very basis of quality care is taking a proactive approach to preventing that illness or injury in the first place. This is the very concept behind veterinary wellness care.

When we can examine your four-legged friend on a regular basis, we are able to take appropriate measures to both prevent illness and to detect it in its earliest stages so that it can be addressed right away, before it becomes a problem. This can add years to your pet’s life and improve the quality of those years tremendously.

What is wellness care?

Like visiting your own doctor for a checkup once or twice a year, wellness care involves an annual or semiannual visit with us. During each visit, we will examine your pet from nose to tail, checking for any signs of potential health problems and making sure that everything is functioning just as it should be. We will also take certain preventative measures, such as vaccinations and parasite control, to keep your pet safe from many of the dangers he or she will encounter over the years.

The information we gather during each wellness visit lets us develop a clear picture of your pet’s overall health. We can then use this snapshot as a guide against which we can measure all future health evaluations. This helps us to quickly and accurately identify any changes in your pet’s health status so that we can address those changes right away – before they have a chance to progress and worsen. Not only does this improve the chances of a long, healthy life for your pet, but it’s also a much more affordable way for you to manage your companion’s care.

Getting to know you…

Last, but most certainly not least, routine wellness visits give all of us at Dutchess County Animal Hospital the chance to get to know you and your pet and develop a relationship with you both. We firmly believe that the better we come to know and understand your pet’s unique health care needs, the better we can deliver the best possible care. More importantly, when we can develop a sense of trust with your pet, trips to the vet will become a much more positive experience for everyone!

Ready to get started? It’s as easy as scheduling an annual appointment. Let’s work together to help your loved one achieve a lifetime of good health.