The Judy Dring Fund

The Judy Dring Fund was established in early 2006 in memory of one of our beloved clients. Her love of dogs compelled her family to encourage friends and family to donate to the fund in lieu of gifts and flowers at her passing. The primary purpose of the fund is to help dogs in need, whose families may not be financially capable of providing medical care in the event of an emergency. Funds are also used in the unfortunate event that pets are abandoned at our facility, so that they may be fed and housed until their owners are tracked down or until they are adopted out.

To qualify for funding, you must be able to show proof of financial need and your pet must require emergency care. It is not for elective procedures such as spaying, neutering, or dental cleaning. It is also not used for routine vaccines and exams. For further information, please contact our office.

Thank you, Judy. You are missed.


Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters of the Judy Dring Fund,
I want to thank you all for your generous donations in memory of Judy. She continues to live on in our hearts. The donations continue to come in through the mail and are greatly appreciated. We have also established a donation box in the waiting room for the Fund.

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you about where the donations are going, but I’m very happy to be able to share these stories about some pets that have been helped by your kindness!

First is Reign, a German shepherd puppy. He came to us after getting hit by a car. The owners were considering euthanizing him due to lack of funds. We were able to provide some financial help to the owner to get bandage and splint changes so his leg did not have to be amputated. Due to the growing process at which time the accident happened, his leg did heal crooked. However, he was able to keep his leg and he is a very happy, energetic dog! 

The second puppy is Buttercup. She is a 4-month-old English Mastiff puppy. She was brought in to be euthanized. We asked the owner to sign her over to the hospital instead. The owners agreed and we took her under our wing. She was born without the head of her femur, which is the long bone of the hind leg that connects with the pelvis. With help from the Judy Dring fund and other contributions from the hospital staff, she is under consultation with an orthopedic surgeon to have her leg fixed. She has also been radiographed, spayed, vaccinated, medicated, and dewormed. She has touched our hearts completely. I have purchased a collar, leash, and cot, for her sleeping comfort, out of my own personal funds. Judy would have really loved her. 

Buttercup’s personality is as big as her heart. We may have a home for her with a veterinary technician who works at two animal hospitals and has one other dog at home who is looking for a playmate. We will all be very sad to see her go but are excited she will have a full life in a loving home.

I will do my best to continue to keep you updated where the funds are going. I can’t thank you enough for your continued donations. I know Judy would be so happy to know the lives she is saving. I miss her as I know all of you do. She truly is an angel.

Dr. Diana Cannan

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